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Antagonists, Advocates and Allies
What White Women Are Sarying About This Book
"The division within feminism is caused by White Women. In particular by our denial of White Privilege, and when we use our White Privilege to take refuge from the fight against racism. Antagonists, Advocates and Allies states the problem (Denial of White Privilege) – and clears the way for White Women to “get off the fence” and “walk their talk”. If we White women can do so, then long-standing relationships, friendships, and warriorships can be forged with Black Women and Women of Color. They are wondering where we are and what’s taking us so long to show up. After reading her book, you will wonder that yourself. 

White women have a lot of work to do. And we need to move fast. Catrice’s book will inspire you to consciously quicken your pace. I’m grateful Catrice wrote this book. I only wish she didn’t have to. One thing I know for certain is that once you have read her words, you will be grateful she wrote it too. It’s time that we, as White Women, wake up and do better." -- Alex Clarke, Author and Playwright 
"Every White Woman Must Read This Book!"
“If you have spent any time on social media in the last several years, you may be aware of words and phrases like "White Privilege," "Microaggressions," and "Intersectionality." Even if you know what they mean—but especially if you don't—this book offers a crucial, direct breakdown of why it is increasingly important that White women understand how they impact Black women, and why we should care. 

There's no mincing of words here: It is tough love for White women, an urgent call to recognize that any women's movement that ignores, sidelines, and denies the experiences of Black women is no movement at all. -- White women should read this book because it is a straightforward assessment of the way we too often minimize, erase, ignore, or willfully deny the experiences of Black women. This book anticipates our excuses and rationalizations and firmly rejects them. Catrice provides tools for White women to understand why women's movements must be intersectional if we are going to affect change in an unequal world.” -- Andi Zeisler, Editorial/Creative Director, Bitch Media
Antagonists, Advocates and Allies 
The WAKE UP Call Guide for  White Women Who Want to Become Allies with Black Women 

“Unapologetic – Gut-Wrenching - Powerful”
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White Women... 
"Feminism That Fails to Collectively Acknowledge and Aggressively Work to Eliminate Racism is Hypocrisy!”

You can learn a lot by following Shelby’s advice…

“Fellow White Feminist, it’s time for us to take a damn seat and listen.” 
- Shelby Knoxx - Feminist Organizer & Revolutionary - 
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"The 2017 Women's March on Washington is just the most recent example of the fractures between white women and women of color. And when these fractures become visible, white women almost inevitably throw up their hands and say, 'This is what I get for trying to help?' If that's your experience, or your first instinct, then this book is for you. Catrice Jackson has boldly put into words what others won't--she challenges our White perspective, and challenges us to start talking about Whiteness and our White perspective in ways we haven't. She challenges us to educate ourselves and to stop asking people of color to educate us. And she demands that we own our privilege and use it responsibly and transformatively. As a White woman, you need this guide--and your life won't be the same after reading it." -- Patti Digh Author of "Life is a Verb" and founder of The Art of Activism
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