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WHAT IS IT? A pivotal, transformational moment when women committed to social and racial justice come together to talk about the challenges at the intersection of gender and race during a 2-day weekend race-talks retreat. It's a powerful moment to participate in a courageous conversation about race, racism and women and what happens when you are NOT equipped to navigate this delicate space. Join us to learn how to talk about racism without being offensive and learn how to be an Ally to people of color. 

Want to Learn How to Talk About Racism 
Without Being Offensive, Become an Accomplice 
for People of Color AND Co-Host An Event In Your City? 

A passion and commitment to racial justice + A deep desire to dismantle racism.
Dedication to empowering ALL women and Intersectionality. 
Ability to locate and secure a venue and assist in coordinating the workshop.
Dedication to marketing and promoting the workshop. 

If ever there were a time to step up and be an Ally in the fight against racism and sexism, NOW is the time! 

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"The SHETalks WETalk RaceTalks for Women workshop was a crucial element in the development of myself as a white woman who is still unpacking my invisible backpack and understanding the full breadth of my white privilege. As a white woman, a human who strongly values connection and respect, and as a mental health professional, this workshop greatly supported (and expanded) my current desire to connect on a deeper level with myself and others, in order to genuinely understand the core values and beliefs I hold that inform the "reality" I live in (in relation to the varied realities of other individuals of different races). If you are a woman seeking to be the change you wish to see in the world, I strongly recommend this workshop to continue on your journey of growth and self-discovery. Catrice has motivated me to continue discovering and enhancing my current values to increase respect, collaboration, and justice in my community!" - Katie 
"Participating in SHETalks WETalk was the first step in my personal work to become an ally. The forum allowed me to begin my journey of self reflection and education around how I have both supported oppression through learned behaviors and worked against it. My biggest take away is that without looking inward and taking the time to educate myself I will continue to be a part of the problem. This work is ongoing and lifelong but this weekend gave me a foundation to work from and I will forever be thankful to the women in our group." - Kirsten Romero-Case 
During this two-day retreat you will take a deep, honest and truthful dive in the the issues of race, racism, whiteness, white supremacy and Intersectionality. This is not a sit and take notes retreat. You will be actively engaged for two days requiring you stretch way outside of your comfort zone and examine your own beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that perpetuate racism. 

+ Learn...

  • How to break free from the GOOD/BAD BINARY that often keeps people afraid to discuss racism. 
  • How begin uprooting your own racism by examining your implicit racial biases. 
  • How to effectively engage with women of color to avoid racial offense. 
  • How you might be offending women of color and not know it. 
  • How to embody an Intersectional way of engaging with other women. 
  • What women of color want and need from white women. 
  • How to be a strong and effective Ally and Accomplice for women of color. 
  • How NOT to become paralyzed by white guilt, white silence, white tears and white privilege. 
  • How to create intentional inclusion in your groups, companies, organizations, clubs and spaces.

​+ get access to a valuable literary and media resource list to continue your anti-racism journey. 

This workshop will include diverse modes of learning such as presentation, small and large group activities, video, and experiential exercises.