We Will Be Rolling Out Our 6-Point Plan Real Soon
Reckoning | Reconciliation | Resist | Reconstruction | Revolution | Resiliency
NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION: We invite you to join a collective movement to expose and eliminate the hypocrisy within the women's movement to make INTERSECTIONALITY a deliberate action and intentional practice within groups, clubs, organizations, spaces and places (everywhere) and not just a philosophy or feel good buzzword for branding.

It's Time to Walk Your Talk or Be FEM-cotted!
"Exposing the hypocrisy and demanding all women walk their talk."


Authentic | Deliberate | Intentional | Intersectional Inclusion

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The 2017 March on Washington while admirable, did NOT solve our problems, in fact it EXPOSED many challenges to be solved immediately; one of them being HYPOCRISY! 

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