A Personal Journey of Eradicating Racism
Reckoning | Reconciliation | Resist | Reconstruction | Revolution | Resiliency 
So you've realized that as a white woman you've got some work to do personally and socially to confront racism and you desire to use your voice for racial justice. That's fantastic! 

And you know you want and need to do this "work," but don't know where to start or how to begin. 

Your eyes have been opened. You've read some books and have started to have some conversations yet, you still feel stuck on what to do next. You struggle between being called out and called in and maybe even feel paralyzed. You're not making much traction and you know your inaction is not the place you want to be in. 

You might feel some shame or guilt. You want to move your feet and take action, but you worry you might make a mistake or offend someone. You fear being called out. 

Does this sound like where you are in your social consciousness journey? Are you at the crossroad waiting for directions? Do you feel stuck in real or perceived shame? Are you ready to do the hard work to figure this out? Are you ready to learn the skills to confront racism personally and socially? 

THIS is the right place for YOU to be! 

Listen. On the journey of confronting your own racism and socially, you WILL be called out, called in and called forward. You will experience shame whether it's real or perceived. You will have to deal with your guilt. You will be afraid, make mistakes and offend along the way. It's part of the process. It's all supposed to happen on the Journey to Allyship

And yes it will be emotional. It will be hard. You will be confronted and challenged. And you will push through it and thrive because you must. While you are having an internal battle within yourself on what to do - Black and Brown folks are trying to survive racism and oppression every day. They don't have time for you to take your time figuring it out. The time to take uncalculated, messy, imperfect, scary, emotional ACTION is now. 

Deep down inside you also know that doing THIS work is just as much about saving yourself as it is about liberating others. And if you desire to do THIS work to be seen as a "good one," THIS is not your journey. You MUST know that your liberation from racism is directly tied to the plight of humanity. And your desire to take this journey is one beyond your own selfish needs. 

And if you're ready to dedicate the next 12 months to confronting and eradicating racism personally and socially, no matter what,  then this 12-month program is perfect for you. 

If you don't know... "asking" people of color to teach is a no-no - the ask and expectation to do so is a racial microaggression. I realize this is YOUR work to do. I also realize when people are willing to listen and learn the teacher must teach. 

If you are ready to learn and take the journey of Reckoning, Reconstruction, Revolution and Resiliency - let's get started. 

  • It's not a time for denying, blaming, minimizing, or justifying racism in any form. 
  • It's not the space for dissonance, derailment and defensiveness. 
  • It's not the moment for procrastination and excuse making. 
  • It's not the time for antagonizing and arguing. 
  • It's not the time for silence and complacency.

None of this is tolerated on the journey. 

You will embark on a personal journey to discover your own implicit and explicit biases and racism. You'll examine the macro and micro-systems of racism and begin to unlearn and disassociate from invisible traps that keep you attached to a system that is designed to erode the human spirit. Each month you will focus on a key structure of racism and detach from its power to be more conscious of its negative effects on humanity. On the journey you'll learn the skills for navigating your way through a personal reckoning, reconstruction, and revolution of self while learning to be more resilient as you grow as a racial justice activist and Ally. 

  • Personal truth telling, brutal honesty and intentional accountability. 
  • Taking responsibility for what you know, don't know and how you show up. 
  • Questioning your beliefs and the willingness to release them. 
  • Radical personal reckoning and active social reconciliation. 
  • Listening more than you speak. 
  • Refusal to shut down and leaning in when it hurts. 
  • Leaping outside of your personal comfort zone. 
  • Shifting from apathy to empathy.
  • Taking risks and putting skin in the game. 
  • Being in a constant state of uncertainty and uncomfortableness. 
  • Doing the work required and showing up with courage and integrity. 

ALL of this is expected on the journey. 
Preview of Your Journey | What You Will Learn
New Course Starting on September 11, 2017
You must be dedicated. You must be committed to the 12-month journey.
Eradicating racism is not a quick fix. It's a marathon until you take your last breath. 

Month 1:   Seeing the Invisible System of Racism
Month 2:   How You Fit Into the System
Month 3:   Dealing with the Shame
Month 4:   Transition From Fragility to Resiliency 
Month 5:   Unlearning Your Own Racism
Month 6:   The Personal & Social Cost of In-Action 
Month 7:   How Allies Show Up
Month 8:   Engaging with Antagonists
Month 9:   Expanding Your Activism
Month 10: Organizing and Mobilizing Other Allies
Month 11: Leading Your Revolution 
Month 12: Transitioning From Ally to Accomplice 

This program includes: 

Monthly Educational Mentoring Calls:  [SECOND Thursdays - 7:00-8:00 PM CST] - These calls will be part lesson and part Q & A. Each call will provide you with a valuable lesson and tools to move through the process of reckoning with your racism and reconstructing a new way of thinking, being and engaging as a socially conscious woman. 

Monthly Video Lesson: Illuminating Your Blindspots - Each lesson will illuminate implicit biases that keep you from seeing how racism is toxic to you and harmful to people of color. They include actionable steps to become more awakened and intentional about dismantling racial injustice.  

Weekly Calls for Action: These weekly exercises will require to step way outside of your comfort zone and DO something that strengthens your resiliency muscle to boost your activism confidence. 

Weekly Personal Purge Exercises: Each week you'll be provided with a transformational exercise designed to stretch you out of your comfort zone of silence, shame, and stagnation to eliminate complicity and complacency

Monthly Resources and Weekly Support: You'll be provided with reading materials, resource lists, and audio and video lessons to equip you with the knowlede and skills necessary to eradicate your own racism and prepare for leading others in the racial justice revolution. Additionally, you will be able to ask questions, work through personal challenges and get individualized support in our private Facebook group through the duration of the program. 

A Social Consciousness and Racial Justice Compass for Your Journey: Business survival and personal credibility in 2017 and beyond, requires you to have social consciousness skills, an inclusivity strategy and an anti-racism plan. No more business and friendships as usual. Consumers, colleagues and friends of color are demanding more.

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. 
But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, 
then let us work together.” 
-- Lilla Watson, Activist, Academic and Artist --

  • Clarity and understanding about the pervasiveness and lethality of racism. 
  • A personal cleansing from the toxicity of complicity and complacency. 
  • A new social narrative with definitions, language and behaviors to navigate a new reality. 
  • A renewed sense of self through transforming shame and silence into strategic action. 
  • Effective skills for non-oppressive intersectional engagement. 
  • Strategies for engaging in race talks, disrupting white spaces and resisting racial injustice. 
  • ​Discover and develop your anti-racism voice to champion your racial justice movement. 
  • A comprehensive plan for showing up as an effective Ally and making the transition to Accomplice. 
  • Guidance on developing your personal and profesional inclusivity strategy and anti-racism plan. 
Start Your Journey with the Once A Month Course Fee: $97.00 Monthly 
A fee of $97 per month will be automatically drafted from your account. Your transaction is safe and your information will be kept confidential. This program requires a 12-month, non-refundable and non-transferable commitment. All sales are final. 
A fee of $48.50 twice a month will be automatically drafted from your account. Your transaction is safe and your information will be kept confidential. This program requires a 12-month, non-refundable and non-transferable commitment. All sales are final. 
Start Your Journey with the Bi-Monthly Course Fee: $48.50 Twice a Month

  • Be sure you are 100% committed to the course expectations. There will be no refunds. 
  • Show up. Engage fully. Do the work and don't make excuses. 
  • This is serious work and my time is valuable. Honor and respect the emotional labor provided for your growth. 
  • I reserve the right to remove any participant who becomes combative and destructive to the group. 
  • Honor and respect the presence and perspective of others. 
  • Do what you need to take care of yourself, but refuse to quit or retreat. People of color don't get respite from your racism. 
  • Commit to the emotional, spiritual, psychological and financial commitments of this journey. 

A Personal Journey of Eradicating Racism
Reckoning | Reconciliation | Resist | Reconstruction | Revolution | Resiliency 

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It's Time to Walk Your Talk
"Before joining Catrice's Journey to Allyship program, I didn't know that I had racist beliefs and tendencies. I never outright thought of myself as a racist. As I dug into the program and the material and started understanding white supremacy, white privilege and weapons of whiteness, I have learned I do have racist roots and have learned tendencies. In the past few months of being in this program, I've had conversations and confrontations as I work to unlearn my own racism and all have been powerful and educational experiences. Catrice is truly gifted in sharing not only her own experiences and real world current events, but she provides amazing resources, tools and recommendations to continue to grow and learn.

My journey continues and I am grateful for Catrice creating this incredible program - in my opinion, there isn't anything else like it out there. Having Catrice guide this journey, lead open, honest and frank conversations (which, yes that means pointing out when I step out of bounds or falter in my own journey) have been truly priceless. I still have a long way to go. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for the tools to become Ally on the battlefield with people of color. The time is now, we must lay down the weapons that harm to people of color and pick up arms, and go into battle to fight with them. Lives depend on it. The time is now." -- Dortha Hise 
"White women overcoming our racism is crucial to build a country where everyone can thrive and prosper. For far too long, white women have harmed and alienated people of color, particularly women. We have to stop doing this- but how? Our white family and friends are often not good role models. Catrice M. Jackson patiently, kindly, yet very firmly shows us how, pushing us way out of our comfort zones and exposing us to the harm we are causing, intentionally and unintentionally. She walks us through a process of powerful self transformation. It's not fun, and not for everybody, but for those who recognize that it is imperative that we change, and are ready to do hard emotional work, the growth is tremendous. Highly recommended." -- Karen Fleshman 
"There is more to racism than meets the eye. It's time to look at it from the level of the heart."

As with any great change we want to see in the world, it starts within. I joined a year-long program with Catrice because she helped me identify levels of racism that were embedded in my very being that I couldn't see because they're like a computer virus and I know it was time to go deeper into my own journey.

As a white woman who very much wants to see the dismantling of racism and oppression within American society, learning from and working with Catrice has been nothing short of transformational. To unlearn the system of racism, you need to have a discerning eye, an open heart, a willingness to learn always and move through the levels of discomfort.

You will learn dozens of valuable tools that will help you to understand the system of oppression on multiple levels. You will learn the language to talk about racism and overcoming it. How to recognize racism, especially when it's underneath the surface. How to discover your own way of speaking truth to racism and calling in other white folks to have open dialogues about the role of racism and how it lives within us. 

You will be incredibly resourced in Catrice's programs. You will have an abundance of resources from which you can learn from to open your eyes and your heart. I have been able to get beyond the guilt and shame of racism to show up in support of People Of Color and have conversations with white folks about racism. Today, I am connecting with more Women Of Color, I am no longer emotionally triggered by racial conversations, I have a deeper understanding of the system of racism and am more connected to my own empathy.

This will challenge you. And you will change - you will be more open, empathetic, able to see how racism insidiously perpetuates itself, like the most sneaky computer virus, affecting us without even knowing it. I cannot fathom a more committed, compassionate and skilled teacher than Catrice M. Jackson. She will guide you steadfastly through the fires of understanding and overcoming racism and white supremacy.

Shifting racism is something that must be undertaken within the hearts of all white people, especially white women. And only you can do the work within. If you see the injustice and aren't sure what to do about it, working with Catrice is an excellent place to start."- Justine Pattantyus
"Eradicating my racism. I’ll never be done. It’s something I’ll fight until the day I die. But each day I understand that much more, through my mistakes, my interactions with women and people of color, and owning it/creating trust when I inevitably do harm. Commitments such as the Journey to Allyship course and the weekend SheTalks WeTalk conference (coming to Minneapolis in August) not only support the amazing work Catrice does, but it holds me accountable and forces me to stay the course. To center not myself and my feelings, but instead to look inward to my own nonsense, ultimately creating a ripple effect to the community around us. 

None of this would be possible without Catrice M. Jackson’s leadership, patience, and unwavering commitment she has to rid the world of the oppressive relationships between white and black women. The relationships that have now organically blossomed are a testament to how powerful this work is. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Catrice, for your steadfast heart. One white woman at a time!" --Ann Marie Lund