Intersectionality: Decreasing Collateral Damage at the Crossroad: 2 Part Audio Training 
You can talk in silos, vent on social media and talk within your families but... You MUST learn how to effectively navigate through difficult conversations in order to reconcile past hurts, usher in peace and become a part of the solution. Learn how by getting your 2-part audio training today. This 2-hour session shares how to talk about delicate and critical social, racial, religious and gender issues when you are afraid, uncertain and uneducated about the varying differences within humanity. You'll dicover there is a fragile intersection where gender, race, religion, ethnicity and class collide. IT'S CALLED INTERSECTIONALITY. During this audio training you will learn how to become MORE socially conscious by understanding the importance of Intersectionality and what to do at the intersection when engaging in difficult conversations.

PART ONE: BEING SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS: What does it look and feel like?  
  • Learn what it means to be socially conscious and how you can become MORE awakened to the reality of others. Discover why you must examine and work to eliminate implicit bias. 
  • Learn special considerations when communicating & engaging with people from different walks of life

​PART TWO: What Happens At the Intersection? How to Avoid Damage and Make Progress. 
  • Understand what Intersectionality is and how it can be a point of pain or a point of progress.
  • Learn communication and engagement strategies to avoid doing harm and instead make progress. 
  • Learn how to use your relational power to create alliances at the intersection of engagement. 
  • Next Steps: The best tips to help reconcile past hurts, usher in peace and become a part of the ongoing solution. 
for Your Anti-Racism Journey 

These resources will educate and empower you to become an effective Ally for racial justice. 
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$19.99 - Includes Two 60-minute audio recordings. 
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The First 7 Steps to Becoming An Ally for Black and Brown People: 60-Minute Audio Training 
You're excited. Fired up and ready to take action. But not real sure what to do next in your social and racial justice Ally journey. 

I get it. You're ready to take your next steps. You have lots of questions. Concerns. Maybe even some fears. It's all part of the process. The Journey. Your Journey. Since the Women's March ended, I have been inundated with questions. Too many to answer individually so I created this opportunity for you. I do believe that generally, people are good and want to do the right thing.

And... I know anti-racism Allies are important to eliminating racism and liberating black and brown people from racism. So you're ready to do the work and take action right? So let's talk about it. Let's put some walking behind your talking. Access this 60 minute audio training on what to do and how to take your next 7 steps on your anti-racism journey to eradicate racsim personally and socially. ​
$15.99 - Includes One 60-minute audio recording. 
Once your payment is processed you'll be directed to a web page to 
immediately download the mp3 recording. 
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Audio Recordings Are Unedited.
Audio Recordings Are Unedited.