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Speaker, Global Visionary Leader of the Awakened Conscious Shift 
and International Best-Selling Author
I value truth, freedom, authenticity, courage and peace and intentionally infuse my core values into every human engagement, keynote speech, training, workshop and on any platform I am called to be a voice. My style is real, bold, unapologetic, compassionate and candid. My soul intention is to inspire and empower people to take responsibility for their lives, own their personal power and use it to make meaningful changes in their lives and the world. 

I’m here to be a voice. I’m here to make a difference. I’m here to challenge the status quo, to wake people up into a new, awakened, conscious way of being and living. I’m most passionate about social and racial justice because without either, people cannot fully thrive in life and thriving is everyone’s right.
Now is the time for a massive social and racial justice RECKONING. We must accept that our oppressive systems are violently failing humanity and RESIST everything operating to stifle or kill the human spirit. 

We must acknowledge that our own self-interests and complacency have orchestrated horrendous human suffering and a society that is destroying its own people; that if not RECONSTRUCTED with urgency and tenacity, will lead us into the abyss of social apathy and anguish.

It’s time for a divorce. The oppressive, toxic marriage between White Feminism and White Supremacy must be severed if humanity is ever going to survive and thrive. This deadly combination and all its repressive acts of human devastation must be RECONCILED AND REPARATION is log overdue.

A new, inclusive, radical and unapologetic REVOLUTION is vital to the survival and thrival of humanity. There’s significant, relentless work to be done during the reconstruction and the one essential skill to birth a new, inclusively-humane standard for human rights is RESILIENCY.

This is hard work. Work that everyone must commit to – to liberate the lives of people and to protect, fortify and nourish their existence. Resiliency at the intersection of differences is where you must consciously and vigorously stretch and be stretched to ensure ALL marginalized people are seen, valued, honored, accepted, empowered and protected.

Intentional Intersectionality and the ability to unselfishly and cautiously navigate at the intersection of human differences with respect and resiliency is a non-negotiable for liberation and justice for all. The intersection, the place where our differences and likeness lies, is complex, layered, delicate and life-giving or life-taking. There is NO time to be lazy or asleep at the intersection. Wake up, be alert and very intentional where human life collides or you will create collateral damage.

At the intersection, you’ll either be life-giving or murderous with your tone, words, behaviors and actions. You’ll either create pain or progress. The REVOLUTION AND RECONSTRUCTION is not about feminism. It’s about LIBERATION. You must choose liberation over feminism in order to give life. We must become RADICAL, RELENTLESS, REVOLUTIONARY humanists. Rise up, RESIST, GIVE LIFE and be RESILIENT!

Catrice M. Jackson, Global Visionary Leader of the Awakened Conscious Shift and Founder of the Socially Conscious Women’s Collective, offers the following services.

  • Keynote Presentations
  • Training Workshops
  • Social Consciousness Retreats
  • Leadership Training & Coaching
  • Organizational Consulting & Training
  • Program Development
  • Staff Development Training
  • Anti-Racism Inclusive Community Development

Speaking Topics [partial list]

White Spaces Missing Faces: 7 Reasons Your Organization is a Revolving Door for Women of Color: Discover the 7 reasons why women of color don’t come to, participate in or stay in predominantly white spaces and how to get them there, empower them to thrive and slow down the revolving door.

Mastering the Art of Intentional Engagement & Cultivating Socially Conscious Communities for Women of Color:  Social Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence are the most powerful components of building authentic relationships and thriving communities. How you use this intelligence at the intersection of “difference” makes the difference. Learn how to embody and practice intentional intersectionality at the crossroad of gender and race.


  • Don’t Make Her Choose: Avoiding Collateral Damage at The Intersection of Race and Gender
  • Step Forward and Speak Up: How to Begin Your Anti-Racism Allyship Journey
  • Beyond the White Picket Fence: A Powerful Perspective on Living While Black and Female
  • Antagonists, Advocates & Allies: Which One Are You and What to Do About It
  • Your Silence Is Killing Us: The Psychology of Silence & Complicity
  • Radically Inclusive Feminism: How to Embody REAL Feminism for All Women
  • SHETalks WETalks: Race Talks – Courageous Conversations on Race and Gender
  • Intersectional Leadership Strategies for Women Leaders
  • Best Practices for Creating Anti-Racist Inclusive College Campuses
  • How To Create An Anti-Racist and Nourishing Space for Women of Color 
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"If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together." - Lilla Watson