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Black and Brown Folks... Let's Talk 
"In a world that directly and indirectly tells People of Color they are not worthy, qualified, invited, beautiful or valued, we must deny EVERY restriction, affliction, prediction, and depiction that causes us to stay captive, be unhealed, silence our voice, doubt our value and minimize our existence."

We matter. We will not be silenced. We will speak and thrive... because we must. 

It's time for WE TalksA Healing Conversation About Race, Racism, Equality and Liberation 

WE Talks is a conversation space where we can come together, speak our truth, be heard without shame or blame, and not have to explain or prove our experiences or justify our existence. A safe and supportive place where we matter, our stories matter and our truth matters. 

What's Going to Happen On the Call? - This is purely a time for you to share your truth, your experiences in dealing with weight of the oppression, marginalization and frustration you are feeling in this moment. It's a time to be in a space where others share a similar weight and frustration. It's a time to receive some positive, affirming words of nourishment and empowerment so you can rise again to fight, survive, and thrive another day. 

We will be sharing mental wellness and emotional nourishment tips and strategies to empower your journey of freedom, justice and liberation so you can THRIVE and FLOURISH. 

NO - we will NOT be selling you anything. We just want to fill your cup! 

YES - we will be allowing as many people as possible to share their experiences and 
answering any questions you may have. 

This is a time just for you! - We hope you join us in this COMPLIMENTARY CALL. 

7:00 - 8:00 PM CST

Join me and my special guest Margaret Jacobson, Activist, Writer & Photographer as we invite you into a necessary conversation about Racial Battle Fatigue and how to you can 
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