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Unleash Your Significance 


Your destiny is waiting for you! 

There’s no more time to waste! You don’t need permission or approval. It’s your life and it’s 100% up to you, how you live it. What will the legacy of your life dash be? How will you be remembered?

What mark are you going to leave in the world? 

There’s a bigger purpose for YOUR life. There’s undeniable greatness  within you. There’s something magnificent for you to do in the world. You matter. You have value. You’re HERE for a special reason; a divine assignment that only YOU can complete.

A daring, delightful, dream-come-true destiny is not only for the elite; you can create a deliciously fulfilling destiny when you refuse to accept what life dishes out and instead own your greatness and activate your magnificence.  

Unleash Your Significance daringly offers you 10 Actions to Activate Your Destiny and Live Your Dream. Discover how to remember, re-ignite, and fulfill your purpose, intimately dance with your destiny, and say YES to what you deserve, desire, and dream about. 

Unleash Your Significance is an insightful, inspirational and insatiable  message that will ignite your dreams and move you into your destiny. You have multi-dimensional magic within you and it's time to activate your significance and amplify your magnificence!

Soul Eruption


Still searching for your life purpose?

Do you need to close some old chapters in your life and move on to what awaits?

Are you ready to heal what hurts and create a clean canvas for your desired life?

Would you like to rediscover your true self and finally set yourself free to just be?

This book provides strategies and personal power tips for every facet of your life to include career, family and relationships. The book is designed to help you unlock your authentic voice, discover you passion and purpose in life and how to live every day by being authentic and doing what you love. Soul Eruption! An Amazing Journey of Self-Discovery will help you begin a soul journey that will lead you to achieving the joy, success, and happiness that you seek in life.

Through simple, daily and practical steps you can experience more joy and fulfillment out of life when you true to yourself and take charge of creating your destiny. This power-packed insightful and practical guide will help you transform your life from the inside out. This book will cause your soul to erupt and reveal an authentic YOU!

Soul Eruption! An Amazing Journey of Self-Discovery will change your life. It contains a simple, straightforward and powerful message for living an authentic, joyful, purposeful and successful life.

The Billboard Brand 


Branding is a verb! 

Personal branding is one of the most misunderstood and underutilized business strategies in the entrepreneurial industry.
When you make the conscious choice to boldly, unapologetically and consistently show up in the world living and speaking your truth and using your gifts, talents and skills to inspire, empower, lead, add real value to people’s lives and transform the world – that’s REAL personal branding! 

Brands… we eat them, drink them, wear them, sleep in them, drive them, work for them, promote them, and more. –We are brand consumers! 

In ten take action chapters, you’ll learn how to create, build, leverage and sustain an undeniable, bankable, in-demand Billboard Brand. You’ll be challenged to leap outside your brand-marketing comfort zone, turn up the volume on your brand visibility and activate your STAR POWER to increase the pulse of your profit. It’s time for you to create a brand client’s and customers want to consume over and over again. It’s time for you to become a bold, brilliant, bankable Billboard Brand. 

Brand Like A BOSSLady 


Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners…

Are you ready to STOP fussing over your brand message and turn that frustration into crystal clear brand marketing fuel to bring in more clients and income into your business?

Truth is… if you cannot communicate your message the money won’t come in — therefore the money you desire lies in your ability to market your brand message!

Another TRUTH is “People are loyal to people (brands) not products.” Especially if YOU are the brand and the face of the brand. 

Your brand is your #1 business asset and you MUST spend time strengthening, showcasing and marketing the BRAND OF YOU!

I WANT YOU TO NEVER be confused about branding again…

“Brand Like A Like a BOSSLady is luscious, lucrative mix of inspiration, candid-truth, humor, creative ideas and innovative-proven brand marketing strategies to help you unleash your irresistible brand and ROCK it all the way to the bank!”

The Art of Fear-Free Living 


Are you hiding behind masks and want to reveal the real you?

Do you have dreams but are afraid to take steps to make them a reality?

Would you like leave your job and start a career that fulfills you?

Are you afraid to let go of relationships that are toxic but really desire to?

Would you like to be more brave, daring, confident and authentic in life?

This is your magical courage journey to discover, embrace and release the powerful wisdom of your inner Genie. Sprinkled with life empowerment tips, inspirational quotes and fearless living strategies, you’ll be inspired to summon your inner Genie to courageously grant the desires of your heart.

In The Art of Fear-Free Living, Catrice shares the bitter-sweet stories of eleven courageous, ordinary women who conquered their fears through the power of enlightenment and self-love. These “fearless femmes” chose to stare fear in the face and say bring it on! Their uplifting stories of bravery and faith will inspire you to awaken your Geni(us), break free from the captivity of fear and begin living an authentic, fearlessly delicious life!



I’ve prepared a mouth-watering smorgasbord of successful living tips for women of all ages, races, and backgrounds to enjoy. My savory bits for a better life will compel readers to continuously feast at her table of wisdom without gaining a single pound!

This deliciously decadent book is a life recipe that will help you go from living a bland life to an extraordinary life filled with more peace, joy and satisfaction. Devour every decadent morsel of this candid, sassy and insightful guide.Delicious offers you a savvy, sassy, and delightfully fresh perspective on what living the sweet life looks life in real life.

I believe that everything you need you already have and by using her Seven Laws of Delicious Living you will bring out the special secret ingredients within you to create a scrumptious life you crave, anticipate and love. This practical, straightforward life guide is packed with life transformation recipes and take action tips to wake up the brilliant, fabulous, delicious woman within you.

Get your copy of Delicious, The Savvy Woman’s Guide for Living a Sweet, Sassy and Satisfied Life and create the life of your dreams, one that is hmmm, hmmm good! This is the moment, right now, today, that you honor your value and live a life you deserve…a delicious one! Read this guide and book, digest every morsel, and devour the message as if it were your last meal. Savor the flavor and become full, filled, and satisfied in your life. You have permission to over-eat and indulge in Delicious, the ultimate guide for women who desire to live a juicilicious life from the inside out.