Know Better So You Can BE Better

Racism can be deadly. And to eradicate it, it requires strong medicine. Catrice serves up anti-racism education with a no nonsense, candid yet compassionate approach that's transforming lives from the inside out. Women who attend her workshops become NEW human beings .
You don't know what you don't know and to do and be better you must know better. Wake up!
No more excuses! 
To do better means to do your anti-racism work every single day until you take your last breath with
Take action! Go get your folks and get them on the Journey to Allyship. One by one we transform the world. THIS is your work. Get busy!

"Ignorance is not bliss. It's deadly."

Ignorance is a liability in inter-racial engagements. What you DON'T KNOW will hurt black and brown people. Whether intentional or unintentional, racial insults, assaults, and invalidations are violent. Get educated so you can be and do better. 
Catrice's workshops and courses are like NOTHING you've ever experienced! 

Attend SHETalks WETalk Workshops

SHETalks WETalk RaceTalks for Women Workshop: A powerful and transformational moment when women come together for 2 days to talk productively about race and racism so they can create PROGRESS instead of PAIN during difficult conversations about racism. It's a A weekend workshop where you learn how to be a strong and effective Ally and Accomplice for women/people of color. You will take a deep, honest and truthful dive in the the issues of race, racism, whiteness, white supremacy and Intersectionality. This is not a sit and take notes workshop. You will be actively engaged for two days requiring you stretch way outside of your comfort zone and examine your own beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that perpetuate racism. 

Sign Up for the 30-Day Crash Course

A 30-Day Crash Course for White Women: During this course you will learn what is offensive to black, brown, and Native women and what the best way of engaging is to begin earning and building trust. If you're still struggling to build STRONG, non-oppressive relationships with black, brown, and Native women and want to learn how to engage with them in a way that nourishes instead of antagonizes this course is for you. You'll also learn how to eliminate your blind spots so you can effectively engage with black, brown, and Native women to create trust, racial harmony and relationship progress instead of pain (interpersonal violence).  

Start Your Journey to Allyship 

Attend SHETalks WETalk Workshops

Start Your Personal Journey of Eradicating Racism
Reckoning- Reconciliation-Resist-Reconstruction-Revolution | Resiliency
If you're ready to dedicate the next 12 months to confronting and eradicating racism personally and socially, no matter what, then this 12-month program is perfect for you. 

Become a Socially Conscious Leader 

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Attend WETalks: Compassionate Conversations About Racism for Women of Color ​​

Attend WETalks: Compassionate Conversations About Racism for Women of Color ​​

Black and Brown Folks... Let's Talk 
"In a world that directly and indirectly tells People of Color they are not worthy, qualified, invited, beautiful or valued, we must deny EVERY restriction, affliction, prediction, and depiction that causes us to stay captive, be unhealed, silence our voice, doubt our value and minimize our existence."

We matter. We will not be silenced. We will speak and thrive... because we must. It's time for WE Talks: A Healing Conversation About Race, Racism, Equality and Liberation 

WE Talks is a conversation space where we can come together, speak our truth, be heard without shame or blame, and not have to explain or prove our experiences or justify our existence. A safe and supportive place where we matter, our stories matter and our truth matters. 

NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION: We invite you to join a collective movement to expose and eliminate the hypocrisy within the women's movement to make INTERSECTIONALITY a deliberate action and intentional practice within groups, clubs, organizations, spaces and places (everywhere) and not just a philosophy or feel good buzzword for branding.

It's Time to Walk Your Talk or Be FEM-cotted!
"Exposing the hypocrisy and demanding all women walk their talk."


Authentic | Deliberate | Intentional | Intersectional Inclusion
Join The FEMcott Hypocrisy Movement Today!