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Rising From The Ashes and Finding
Joy in the Journey

Declaring Hope - Healing - Happiness

FOLLOW BLACK WOMEN: They Will Lead the Revolution

Catriceology Enterprises’ one-day 2nd annual racial justice conference is for every woman passionate about and committed to racial justice and racial equity especially for black women. All women are invited to join us for a powerful, eye-opening, take-action conference in St. Paul, MN on Saturday, October 19, 2019. This conference is for women leaders, entrepreneurs, career women, business owners, and social and racial justice activists.

The theme is RISING FROM THE ASHES AND FINDING JOY IN THE JOURNEY: Declaring Hope, Healing & Happiness. This conference is hosted by a black woman, especially for black women and features dynamic speakers who are black women. Three phenomenal women will grace us with their brilliance and Black Girl Magic to create a meaningful moment in which participants learn how to step up and lead, support black women and get out of the way so black women can lead the revolution of racial justice and women’s equity.

This one-day conference for women will showcase brilliant black women leaders, teachers, activists and healers doing powerful, transformative work in the world to rigorously advocate for truth, justice, freedom, equity and liberation for black and brown people. Specifically, this conference will focus on highlighting the brilliance, resilience and vision for black women leading the way to racial justice reconciliation and restoration.  

Topics and sessions will emphasize the following topics: personal anti-racism work, dismantling white supremacy systemically, anti-blackness racism, disparities among black women, effective activist/ally actions and healing and restoration for black women.

  • Black and brown people are emotionally, spiritually and literally dying because of racism.
  • THIS conference will move you beyond theory into intentional action. 
  • This conference won't dance around the taboo issues of racism and oppression.
  • We will not be sugar-coating the truth by talking about diversity and inclusion.
  • We will stare racism and white supremacy in the face and unflinchingly dig up its lethal roots to talk candidly about how racism is detrimental to the lives of black and brown people.
  • This conference will be relevant, real and raw.
  • THIS conference is for people who are sick and tired of talking about racism in theory and who are ready to do their own personal anti-racism work.
  • This conference is for those who are ready to take swift and strategic action to dismantle white supremacy.
  • This conference is for those who are ready to advance the women's movement by listening to and following the brilliant and unapologetic leadership of black women. 
  • This conference is for black women who are ready to lead their own personal and social revolution. 
  • This conference is for ALL women who are ready to create space for black women to lead and to be the wind beneath their wings. 

ALL Women... 
You Need to Be Here! 
Black, Brown, Indigenous and White Women​​
You need to be here! 

Although this conference will prioritize, center and amplify the needs, wants and challenges of black women, ALL women who are interested in and dedicated to social and racial justice and equity are highly encouraged to attend. 

Make the commitment and register today! 
Black Women Rock
They Will Lead the Revolution! 

Listen To
Black Women


Rising From the Ashes: Finding Joy in The Journey 

Declaring Hope, Healing & Happiness

  1. Managing Director
    Sandy Broadus graduated from Dartmouth College in 1988 in the Third Honor Group. Awards include the Pamela Joyner Love Essay prize in African and African-American Studies (as part of a symposium on black women’s literature), the Black Caucus Community Service Award (chosen by Faculty), and the Tucker Foundation Honor Society (community service). As an appointee to the Committee on Student Life she worked alongside Deans and Faculty to make campus-wide policy changes/recommendations to Trustees. Sandy graduated from Boston University School of Law and was a Stiller Fellow at the Georgetown University Law Center Criminal Justice Clinic, representing indigent defendants in misdemeanor/felony jury trials and Grand Jury proceedings. She was also an Adjunct Clinical Instructor, teaching trial advocacy and supervising 3rd year law students’ criminal cases.
    Sandy Broadus - Attorney
HOSTED BY: Catrice M. Jackson  
Catrice M. Jackson, is the Global Visionary Leader of the Awakened Conscious Shift, the CEO of Catriceology Enterprises, an international speaker, and a best-selling author, is a straight up, on the rocks with no chaser voice for racial justice who is unapologetic and unflinching with her anti-racism message. She is the catalytic creator of SHETalks WETalk Race Talks for Women and WETalks for Women of Color. Catrice is strong medicine and serves up hard truths necessary to eliminate the lethal infection of racism from humanity. She realizes that her approach may be rebuked and her flavor undesired. Catrice knows she is not for everyone and that everyone won’t like her, and she is unbothered by both. She is unmoved by naysayers and does her work authentically and unapologetically with a revolutionary spirit and believes that justice is love. 
Follow Black Women


8:00 - 8:30 - Registration & Breakfast 

8:30 - 8:45 - Catrice M. Jackson - Welcome 

8:45 -9:45 - Sandy Broadus“No” Is A Complete Sentence: Strategies For Reclaiming Time To Spend On OURSELVES 

9:45 - 10:45 - SPECIAL SESSION

10:45 - 11:00 - BREAK 

11:00 - 12:15 - Rachel CargleRoot to Rise: The Ancestral Figures of Anti Racism-Work

12:15 - 1:15 - Lunch  (included in ticket fee)

1:15 -  2:30 - All Featured Speakers: Panel Session: Rising From the Ashes and Finding Joy in the Journey  
Layla Saad, Rachel Cargle, Sandy Broadus & Fawntice Finesse 

2:30 - 2:45 - BREAK 

2:45 -4:00 - Layla Saad - Become A Good Ancestor  

4:00 - 4:45 - Fawntice Finesse -  Healing Session for WOC  
Heal With Sounds: Sound Bath Meditation for Support & Inner Peace

4:00-4:45 - CONCURRENT SESSION for White Women: Catrice M. Jackson - Transcending White Guilt: From Fragility to Resiliency  

4:45 - 5:00 - Catrice M. Jackson - Closing & Call to Action - The Journey Continues  

Sessions: The Black Girl Magic

Sandy Broadus - No Is A Complete Sentence: Strategies For Black Women to Reclaim Their Time 

In this session you will explore popular myths about the “strong” and “superhuman” black woman. We will deconstruct explicit and implied messages we receive our whole lives, telling us it is black women's responsibility and obligation to be everything to everybody, all the time.  Black will women learn how to rid themselves of guilt and discomfort over saying, simply, “no” to whatever doesn’t serve and further our personal and professional goals and interests. We'll discuss how these demands zap our vitality and put us in a place of low, negative energy and anxiety AND develop strategies for how we can still operate from a place of empathy and love for our community, while also protecting/rediscovering our inner light and restoring healthy balance and calm in our personal lives. 

Rachel Cargle - Root to Rise: The Ancestral Figures of Anti Racism-Work

The work that we're doing is nothing new, it just "our turn." It has been both a blessed responsibility and a heavy burden of anti-racism work that has been passed to us from our ancestors who were fighting this fight before us. In this session, I will be guiding us through some of the most dynamic examples of power, successes, passion, gameplans and ultimate activism of the women who came before us. This session will be a lumination of our ancestors to remind us of our roots and give us the courage to continue to rise.

Panel Session: Rising From the Ashes and Finding Joy in the Journey​​

​Catrice M. Jackson and all of the featured speakers will lead a discussion on how to rise from the ashes of life and racial oppression while finding joy in the journey. Speakers will share their best advice on how to declare hope, healing and happiness in your life and how to make self-care part of your own personal revolution. 

Layla Saad - Become A Good Ancestor 

The objective of this talk is to inspire and activate black women to step into greater leadership in their personal lives and careers. We will cover, the power of black women cultivating good ancestorship for themselves, their families and their communities, and how this can change the world, the inner and outer work of becoming a good ancestor, from personal healing, to self-care, to empowering habits, to defining yourself for yourself, and doing work that makes a difference in the world and this talk will inspire black women to see themselves as the powerful ancestresses they are, and help them show up in greater leadership for themselves and the world

Fawntice Finesse - Healing Session for WOC  
Heal With Sounds: Sound Bath Meditation for Support & Inner Peace

A Special Session for Black and Brown Women:   

Exploring sacred sound in meditation as a support for self care, self love, and holistic healing, we will bring attention to places within that need our nurturing, and release stuck energy in the subtle body and mind, making space to truly walk strong in our divinity. Our sound healing meditation is guided by Los Angeles based Certified Sound Healer Fawntice Finesse, M.F.A. and her antique Tibetan singing bowls.

  • Nurture and love yourself with healing sound vibrations.
  • Explore and heal trauma blockages in your subtle body, physical body, and mental state through the power of meditation with sacred sound.
  • Rest and restore deeply in your authenticity.

Catrice M. Jackson - Concurrent Session for White Women: Transcending White Guilt: From Fragility to Resiliency  

One of the major reasons you don't find black women in leadership positions is because EVERYONE is anti-black including, non-black people of color and black people, and especially white people. Many white women would never admit it, but they struggle taking leadership from black women, especially powerful and unapologetic black women. In order to truly support, nourish, amplify and follow black women you must discover where anti-blackness lives in you and name it, own it, and eradicate it. 

Closing & Call for Action

The conference will conclude with a clear, intentional, and tangible call to action and stragetic next steps to help attendees use their time, money, resources and energy to support, empower, nourish and amplify the voices and visions of black women worldwide. 

What Your Ticket Includes


Your non-refundable ticket provides you with admission to the one-day conference on Saturday October 19, 2019 and includes breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.  Participants will also receive a conference swag bag to include a copy of a social/racial justice book. 


Important: After paying for your ticket you will be redirected to a page to enter your information to be added to the guest list. If you are NOT redirected, click on RETURN TO MERCHANT while in PayPal to be directed to the sign up page. In the event neither works, email Catrice to be added to the guest list. You can also request an invoice my emailing Catrice if you plan to have your employer pay for the conference.





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Conference Location & Hotel Accommodations

Amherst H. Wilder Foundation
451 Lexington Parkway North
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104

PHONE: 651-280-2000


This year's conference is NOT located at a hotel. It will take place at the Wilder Foundation (address above) in the Auditorium.  Attendees will be responsible for booking their own hotel and providing their own transportation to the conference location. 

Wilder Foundation  
Wilder Foundation Gallery 
The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation is a nonprofit community organization that creates lasting, positive change rooted in people through direct services, research and community building.
Wilder has been committed to improving people’s lives and well-being since 1906. We accomplish this by drawing on the strengths of our community to solve problems together.

  1. Auditorium Conference Center


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