Socially Conscious Women's Collective 

A Network for White Women to Learn How to Be Less Oppressive Towards Black and Brown Women
The Socially Conscious Women's Collective (SCWC) is a global women's organization actively working to eliminate social and racial injustice internationally through education, advocacy and activism. 

We invite you to join The Socially Conscious Women's Collective™

Awaken | Evolve | Act | Transform 
"If you don't have an anti-racism plan, you plan to be racist."  - Catrice M. Jackson
Black and Brown Women Need Accomplices Not Allies
24/7 Access to the Private SCWC Facebook Group AND the SCWC Online Network .

Engage in Conversations about Social and Racial Justice Issues and Get Access to Resources and Strategies to Help you Awaken, Evolve, Act and Transform.

Socially Conscious Women's Collective Newsletter.

Monthly Consciousness ACTion Exercises

Book of the Month Reading List and Access to Book of the Month Discussions.

Access to Wake-Up Call - Cinema Conversations (when offered)

​Social | Racial Justice Evolution Training Webinars with Global Experts (when offered) 

12-Month Memberships Are Required. Please Read the Terms & Agreements Before Enrolling as a Member 


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24/7 Access to the Private SCWC Group: - Connect with other socially conscious women sharing resources, discussing social issues and engaging in conversations to awaken, evolve, act and transform humanity and world. 

Socially Conscious Women's Collective Newsletter: - Receive monthly reading resources, take ACTion tips, and Take It To the Street tools and strategies to help you become more socially conscious, awakened and active in your daily life to walk your talk to transform the world. 

Monthly Consciousness ACTion Exercises: Each month receive ONE ACTion strategy increase your knowledge about social and racial justice issues, stretch you out of your comfort zone and expand your social consciousness. 

Book of the Month Reading List and Access to Book Discussion: Receive a comprehensive suggested reading list including relevant and diverse books and articles to help you see the world with new eyes, awaken your inner-activist and equip you with skills to BE socially and racially conscious. Engage in the Book of the Month discussion. 

*Book of the Month Discussions - First Tuesday of the Month* (inside the network)

Access to Wake-Up Call - Cinema Conversations: Get the exclusive social consciousness suggested movie list and participate in the monthly conference call conversation centered around the movie or documentary. 

*Cinema Conversations - Last Thursday of the Month* (when offered)

Monthly Social | Racial Justice Evolution Training Webinars with Global Experts: Hear from global experts, scholars, authors, activists, visionaries and thought leaders on social and racial justice to include a LIVE Q & A session, a copy of the session recording for your library and an ACTion plan to strategize your personal Take It To the Streets action.  

*Evolution Training -  Second Thursday of the Month* (when offered) 


Monthly Take It to The Streets | Take Action Conference Call: Participate in a monthly Take Action training call and learn specific and effective strategies to impact your community and create systemic change on a local level. These calls will periodically feature local and national social and racial justice activists, leaders and change agents. 

*Take Action Training Calls - Third Tuesday of the Month* 

Access to the Leadership Private Group (for those serious about becoming Accomplices): Get exclusive 24/7 access to a private group with women who are advanced in their awakening, actively doing their personal work and taking action globally and in their communities to fight against social and racial injustice. This group is for women who are ready to fully and unapologetically begin their journey towards racial justice Ally. This group provides members with specialized training, access to social and racial justice organizations to expand your knowledge and take action strategies to help you show up and engage as an Ally and Accomplice.  Members of this group will have the option to participate in quarterly and annual in person gatherings and events. 

WEtalks for Women of Color: Get exclusive 24/7 access to a private group with other women of color who are actively socially conscious, doing their own personal healing work, advocating for social and racial justice for women of color and acting as transformers in their community. This group is for women who need to fill their soul cup so they can serve from their over flow, for women who desire to be connected with other activists, and a place for rest, refreshment and restoration to continue the good fight.  Members of this group will have the option to participate in quarterly and annual in person gatherings and events. 

Discounts on Exclusive SCWC Virtual and Live Events: The SCWC will be hosting various LIVE and virtual training, workshops, meet ups, pop up training sessions, webinars and other events to help women awaken, evolve, act and transform humanity and the world. As a Leadership member you'll receive significant discounts [up to 50%] on tickets, products, programs, conferences and services. 

Discounted Ticket for the Inaugural Global Convening of Conscious Women Summit  [Fall 2018]: SCWC will host the first Global Convening of Conscious Women Summit on a date to be determined. As a Leadership member you will receive a discounted ticket and special summit bonuses. [TBA]

The Opportunity to Apply for a SCWC Delegate Position to be the National SCWC for Your State or Region: As a Leadership member you have the option to apply to be a global delegate for your state or region which includes potential leadership roles, committee seats and or SCWC board appointments. This also includes opportunities to host events in your state or region, teach classes, offer training, host webinars, and be an active leader and member in the global organization [More information coming soon]. 


When you become a member of SCWC ALL of these programs and benefits are available to you. You do NOT have to participate in all of them. All training calls will be recorded and you will have access to the recording for a limited time. We encourage you to participate in the programs that best suit your needs. 

*Please note: This is a new grassroots organization and as we grow and evolve programs and offerings will expand and diversify. We strive to provide you with the best and most rewarding experience possible. If you have questions you may  contact Catrice M. Jackson, Founder of SCWC and Global Visionary Leader of the Awakened Conscious Shift. *


Membership Terms & Agreements: Please be sure you are 100% committed to fighting social and racial injustices and ready to commit to a 12-month membership in the SCWC. ALL memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. If at any point during the next 12 months you decide you are no longer interested in being a part of SCWC you will still be responsible for your monthly membership fee which will be deducted from your account every month for 12 months on the date you join as a member. - PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR A MEMBER. If you choose, you may upgrade your membership at anytime. Contact me for details.