and other white women leaders, coaches, and business owners. 

A Wake Up Call for Spiritual White Women​​: Part Two 

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Many of the women who participated in part one of WETalks with Layla Saad found great value and learned a lot during the Q & A portion of the seminar. We've received quite a bit of feedback and thus have decided to host a special Q & A session for part two. 

We hosted a global LIVE 2-hour Q & A session for white women and provided answers and feedback to their questions about racism, anti-blackness and white feminism.

Many of the callers quickly discovered that their questions were surface level questions and we took a deep dive with them to truly get to the roots of their racism and unconscious intentions around their questions. 

We believe this was a challenging, thought provoking and transformational moment. Purchase your copy today so you can hear the feedback to truly do YOUR anti-racism work the right and most effective way. 


During this 2-hour session, Layla Saad and I respond to questions related to the following:

1. White feminism and how it silences, marginalizes and oppresses black and brown women. 

2. How white women can begin to uproot their racism and stop harming black and brown women. 

3. What white women can explicity do to center and amplify black and brown women. 

4. How white women can become anti-racist leaders and business owners.   

5. How white women can get out of the way so black and brown women can lead the way.

Layla Saad is a writer and speaker, whose work focuses on centering the stories, art and magic of people of colour. As the founder of Wild Mystic Woman, Layla's work explores the intersecting themes of spirituality, social justice, creativity, feminism, business and leadership.​​

As an East African, Arab, British, Muslim, feminist, soul seeker, living in the Middle East (Qatar), and sharing her work with the global community, Layla stands at a diverse intersection of identities, from which she is able to draw rich and intriguing perspectives.

Layla’s own personal journey as a black Muslim woman, her work with her clients and her writings often confront the oppressive cultures of patriarchy and white supremacy.
​​​​Catriceology presents
"Straight Up No Chaser Conversations About Racism "

A Wake Up Call for Spiritual White Women with Layla Saad 
120-Minute Q & A Session 


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